Saturday, September 27, 2008

What to do in Ghana?

Sky-walk above the forest primeval.

-Canopy Sky Walk, Karum National Park, Ghana-

It seems like a dream assignment for Arthur Max, whose tourism piece appears in World News Network. The only hitch is that it is very rare for visitors, hikers, and eco-trekkers to actually see any of the spectacular and exotic wildlife that Karum National Park boasts.

KAKUM NATIONAL PARK, Ghana - This primeval forest in southern Ghana boasts 300 species of birds, unique monkeys and the highly endangered forest elephant and bongo antelope. But the only wildlife I saw was one very long worm. The tropical rain forest of Kakum National Park is so thick that light barely breaks through the treetops. Spotting animals, often shy night-wanderers, is an uncommon joy, won
with great patience and luck.

Still, a skilled and patient (and sometimes just lucky) photo-journalist can come back with some pretty impressive images. Go to this World News Network link, via the Togo Globe, and view the slide show that accompanies the AP article. It's well worth a look.

Photo credit: Creative Commons / Stig Nygaard

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