Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey, I may be a "cracker", but I didn't grow up at the Ritz

The City of Phnom Penh Edmonton wants you to fight racism by admitting your white privilege (white guilt being assumed from the outset).  Only white people can be racists, dontcha know, because racism is about power, and power is an unearned privilege of being white (or some such cultural marxist claptrap).

And what better way to indulge in moral preening, broadcast your "tolerance', and demonstrate your neo-fascist anti-racist bona fides, than to sport a keffiyeh?

And, of course, the Alberta Human Rights Commission is on board.  Oh brother.


Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  The offending page has now been taken down by Racism Free Edmonton.  I guess most folks have had enough of (oh, what was the delicious phrase that Alykhan Velshi used?) "jejune, sophomoric, retro class warfare."

For the record, here is the original screed.  (Click on image to magnify)

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