Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yeah, I'm Convinced. No Threat to Society At All.

"If that is what it takes for the judge to know my son is not a threat to society, then it's a good thing." So says Veronica Henwood, after learning that her son is going to undergo court-ordered psychiatric testing.

After all, Ms. Henwood's son is actually a good boy. Yes, indeed. No threat to society at all. His own defense counsel even said that his behaviour in pre-trial custody "has been exemplary" and he's really, really sorry.

Tyrel Kurt Henwood, 22, has "pleaded guilty to beating an 18-year-old sex-trade worker with a field-hockey stick and living on the proceeds of a 14-year-old's prostitution" just like all good boys who are not a threat to society.

And it could have been worse for the young Mr. Henwood, soon to be nominated for citizen of the year. No doubt his vocation as a pimp will merit a sizeable government grant to boot. After all, Tyrell Kurt Henwood was only "initially charged with luring a teenage girl into prostitution, Internet luring, human trafficking and more in connection with the 14-year-old, who previously lived with her mother in a city on the mainland."

So, when this issue was voted upon a year ago in parliament, who was it again who opposed raising the age of consent from 14 to 16?


The truth said...

First of all,There were two men charged with beating the 18 yr old prostitute,not just Mr Henwood!Before you comment on newspaper articles,read them and research them,the 14 yr old girl lied about her age and was know to friends and other people as 19 years old,and was not forced to be there,but chose to be there!There are two sides too a story,so who are you to judge,last time I checked,that is left for god too do!

Anonymous said...

I am sure there are two sides to every story but the idea that he is not a threat to society is laughable. I sympathize for his mother and family members but it's ludacris to even suggest that someone who is capable of A. luring a young girl (and although she may have told others she was nineteen I am sure both parties involved were fully aware of her age) out of her home and onto the streets of Victoria as a under age prostitute and B. someone who is capable of beating another young woman with a field hockey stick AFTER and I emphasize after they discovered this girls had no money for them to rob is not a threat to society I think one needs to check their moral code of ethics. This is both sad and frightening to know that there are people out there who do these kinds of things with not one ounce of remorse or thought to those around them. Every action has a consequence this man is pollution in society and needs to be locked away for a very long time. He deserves much worse then what he gets

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up you coward bitch! You're crack head brothers a menace to society and considering you pay pimps you should feel more for that lil girl! You're not a real woman, just like your brothers not a real man maybe you and your family should see hom for what he is before he kills someone, definitely not a man cause he's too scared to deal with men!! COWARDS!!

Anonymous said...

You fucking assholes who defend or or say the bullshit fucking line "there is 2 sides to a story" know fuck all. His mother is a fucking duche :he's a nice boy" The cunt beat a girl and partially crippled her because she would fuck her way to his financial freedom. This fucking cunt asshole is a menace and a threat to society. If I ever meet his mother I will bitch slap her fucking useless stupid face. If I ever meet him, I will beat him to within of his life with a hockey stick and make sure he will never be able to reproduce.

the truth said...

Lol.... Your a internet gangsta Huh? A real man , U anonymous lil bitch. Keep hiding behind a keyboard bitch

Anonymous said...

Time and place ass wipe.
And look who is hiding behind the keyboard.