Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh, Dhimmi Britain

The recent British government publication, Pursue Prevent Protect Prepare: The United Kingdom’s Strategy for Countering International Terrorism is generously peppered with all sorts of politically correct bromides, suggests political blogger A. Miller. In fact, the document asserts that "the fault for the contemporary worldwide jihad lies almost solely with the majority cultures of Western nations." The Home Office has developed a new 'counter-terrorism' strategy based on "the 4 Ps" called CONTEST -- a programme committed to "keeping human rights at the heart of all the counter-terrorism work in this country and overseas."

A. Miller dissects what he clearly sees as more Frankfurt School, post-colonial-theory-inspired rubbish for The Brussels Journal. (Here's a sample, but read the whole piece.)

I’m not sure what “evidence” of a “failure in western states to respect or understand Islam” the report alludes to, but lets not kid ourselves here. Religious authorities in Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have issued fatwas against the Japanese, children’s cartoon Pokemon, because they believe it to be a “a Jewish-Darwinist theory, that conflicts with the truth about humans and with Islamic principles.” The Pakistani film, Shadows in Motions, suggests that The Simpsons is part of an anarcho-Zionist-Masonic plot to destroy Islam. And in 2007, English teacher Gillian Gibbons was imprisoned by Sudanese authorities, and had angry mobs calling for her execution because she allowed her class to name a teddy bear ‘Mohammed.’

But it's all the West's fault for not understanding Islam, eh? Indeed. Pursue, Prevent, Protect, Prepare ... and Prostrate.


Harry Rosenfeld, for the Hamilton Spectator, reviews President Obama's recent Rainbow Tour, and the trail of apologies he left in his wake. He takes special notice of Obama's apologies to the Muslim world and his firm declaration that the U.S. is not (nor ever will be) at war with Islam. Looking at the 200 year history of American-Islamic relations, from the Barbary Coast pirates (who raided American vessels and enslaved their crews in the early 19th century) to the modern friction between a muscular American foreign policy and Islamic regional sensitivities, Rosenfeld wonders if there is any reciprocity to be expected in return for Obama's "olive branch".

Simply put, if America is not at war with Islam, does that necessarily mean that some crudely drawn swaths of Islamic civilization (from radical Wahabists, to Al Qaeda, to the Taliban, and all the way to the Muslim Brotherhood) are not at war with America -- waging a combination of "hard" and "soft" jihad?

Perhaps the Obama administration will ask the British for a copy of Pursue Prevent Protect Prepare. Then all will be well, right?

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