Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Happens When Racist Thugs Are Colour Blind ...

... and just plain stupid?

Well, they go on rampages to hurt black people, and end up targeting anyone but.

It's all there in the New York Daily News:

A Staten Island thug pleaded guilty Monday to federal hate crime charges for going on an Election Night rampage in a fury over Barack Obama's presidential victory.

Brian Carranza admitted beating a Muslim teen with a baseball bat and a pipe, and mowing down pedestrian Ronald Forte, a white man he thought was black.

"I and others agreed to assault African-Americans in retaliation for Barack Obama winning the election ... because we believed African-Americans had voted for Barack Obama," Carranza said in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The feds charged Carranza, 21, along with co-defendants Ralph Nicoletti, 18, and Michael (Dominican Mike) Contreras, with conspiring to assault black people.

All are reputed members of a gang calling themselves the Rosebank Krew after their Staten Island neighborhood.

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