Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Come Through My Window ..."

Alright, I'm pretty sure this isn't exactly what Melissa Etheridge had in mind. (Or maybe it is, who knows?)

For the time being, the new president seems to be getting a free pass (more or less). But the New York Daily News chose not to pass on this one:

It looks like President Obama hasn't gotten acquainted to his White House surroundings. On the way back to the Oval Office Tuesday, the President approached a paned window, instead of the actual door -- located a few feet to his right.

Perhaps it was just easier to make fun of the former president. There can be little doubt that if Dubya had done this, and a camera had caught it, it would have been on the front page of every newspaper, the lead on the evening television news (edging out "Arson in Cheektowaga and North Tonawanda"), and monologue fodder for every late night talk-show comedian.

Doors didn't open automatically for Obama’s predecessor either. While making a hasty exit from a 2005 press conference in Beijing, former President George W. Bush tugged on the handles of a door, only to find it locked.

Bush laughed off the blunder, but the pictures still live on as part of Bush's lame duck legacy. However, there was little note taken of Obama's rookie mistake.

But, this isn't Dubya. This is the Big O. Nothing to see here, folks.

Full disclosure. I once slipped on a metal staircase in public in the middle of winter. I landed on the ground below, flat on my ass. People saw. Nobody took a picture. Thank God.

h/t Dust My Broom via Gateway Pundit

Photo Credit: Brack/Pool for article by Lisa O'Neill, Daily News Staff Writer.

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