Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't Talk to This Poor Guy About Global Warming

Early Sunday morning, the body of a young man in his 20s was discovered in the parking lot of a bar in Duluth, Minnesota. The Duluth police do not suspect foul play. Rather, they suspect that he either lay down and passed out, or he fell down and couldn't get up.

... the medical examiner will rule on a cause of death, but for now, it seems the death was due to exposure. Wright said alcohol may have been a factor.

"Due to exposure." Ya think?

Well, I can attest perfectly well to how cold it was on the streets of downtown Toronto, Ontario on Saturday night, so I can only imagine how bitterly cold it was in Duluth, Minnesota. But, to put it in context, in Duluth the thermometer "dropped to 17 below zero early Sunday, with the wind chill colder than 30 below." Of course, those temperatures are in Fahrenheit. For most of the rest of the world, that equates to -27 with a wind chill of -34.5 Celsius.

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