Friday, December 5, 2008

So What's Next for the Coalition?

Well, in an emergency caucus meeting, Bob Rae accused Stephane Dion of being soft on Conservatism.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rae left no doubt where he stood on the coalition concept. In a remarkable intervention during a raucous closed-door caucus meeting Thursday, Mr. Rae interrupted Mr. Dion, taking him on for being too conciliatory toward Mr.Harper.


Mr. Dion appeared to be open to changing his mind about defeating Mr. Harper's government, saying that a “monumental change” on Mr. Harper's part would alter that.

That phrase angered some Liberals, who began shouting at Mr. Dion, accusing him of not going far enough, according to a caucus insider. That is when Mr. Rae approached the microphone, telling Mr. Dion that even “monumental change” was not acceptable.

Mr. Dion appeared shocked, the insider said.

Mr. Rae will be embarking on a cross-country whirlwind Coalition '08 comeback tour to try to warm Canadians to the idea. Mr. Ignatieff says ... [chirp ... chirp]

In related news, the Globe and Mail reports:

"Majority prefers keeping Conservative government"

Hmm. Could be a tough sell for Mr. Rae.


Clare said...

Don't you have a book to write? :-)

Osh said...

Hi Clare,
Call it politics procrastination syndrome. But yes, point taken.