Friday, December 5, 2008

The Cracks Appeared Quickly

Whither the "coup-alition" --

On Wednesday night, following the Dion tape fiasco, CTV reported that the coalition partners were not pleased. Neither were viewers, who flooded the station with calls. Neither was Mr. Dion's chief of staff, who issued an apology and promised to investigate how this snafu happened.

CTV received angry emails within minutes of signing off. Some viewers thought CTV was ignoring the Liberal leader, while others thought Dion was purposely snubbing the network.

Dion's coalition partners were both angry and embarrassed by the Liberal address.The NDP said Wednesday's fiasco undermined the credibility of the coalition, CTV's Robert Fife reported.

"I'm told that (Bloc Quebecois Leader) Gilles Duceppe ran into Mr. Dion in the elevator and asked 'What the hell happened?' and Mr. Dion said, 'We're not used to being in opposition," Fife said.

"We're not used to being in opposition"(?) Culture of entitlement? So, how differently would things work out in government?

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