Saturday, November 22, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs

As cheesy theme towns go Vulcan, Alberta holds its own -- or at least that could be said of any one of the pasty-faced dateless wonders who descend upon the town each summer for a Star Trek pilgrimage. Roswell, New Mexico has its aliens and U.F.O. shtick, serving as a homing beacon for every conspiracy theory nut job in the western hemisphere. Salem, Massachusetts has its witch trial history, eagerly glommed onto by moonbat wiccans and kitchy-witchy souvenir vendors. And, well, the southern Alberta town of Vulcan is the final frontier for corny oddballs and other assorted space cadets trekking through ranch country.

Look closely. Evidently the Information Science and Education Institute swiped some the letters. Perhaps this was just payback for the Roddenberry Rabble hording all the civic pride and glory for themselves.

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