Friday, November 21, 2008

A Little Night Music -- Infidel Blogger Awards Gala

This Friday's selection of "A Little Night Music" is presented in honour of the esteemed winners of the First Annual Infidel Blogger Awards ("The Georgies"). Founder, Awards Coordinator, and Chief Judge, Blazing Catfur, announced the winners yesterday. There were tens of nominees, and thousands of votes cast by hundreds of voters. After the dust settled, the winners were as follows:

Blogger Most Likely to Face a Section 13(1) Complaint:

Kathy Shaidle -- Five Feet of Fury

Most Insulting to the Prophet Blog Post:

"Muslim Cartoon People" by Dag -- No Dhimmitude

Best Infidel Blogger -- Non-Restrictive Category:

Robert Spencer -- Jihad Watch

Favourite Gal Infidel Blogger:

Debbie Schlussel --

Favourite Guy Infidel Blogger:

Ezra Levant --

Favourite Anti-Islamist Pundit:

Mark Steyn --

Least Favourite "Useful Idiot" MSM Pundit:

Haroon Siddiqui -- columnist, Toronto Star

I've posted this -- meme-like -- just to be cheeky, and perhaps to prick the tiger's tail. I'm in a bit of an irreverent mood, and it's my damn right to be irreverent.

So, congratulations to the lucky winners. And kudos to Blazing Catfur for sponsoring the event.

In honour of the winners -- "The Winner Takes It All" of course.

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