Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dionomics III -- What to Do? What to Do? What to Do?

The anatomy of a feckless panic -- a sociologist on the economy:

(announced in bizarre fashion during the French-language leaders debate.)

UPDATE: The National Post editorial for Oct. 8, 2008, dismisses Dion's economic acumen:

This brings us to the main reason why we cannot endorse the Liberals. Putting aside Stephane Dion's reflexive leftward tilt on everything from foreign affairs to social issues, his "Green Shift" carbon-tax scheme is, by itself, enough to persuade us that he is the wrong man to be running this country. As our banking and financial-services sectors become strained by the worldwide credit crunch, this country is increasingly dependant on our oil and gas sector to sustain us through rough waters. Yet these are exactly the industries Mr. Dion wants to soak.

We also are not impressed by Mr. Dion's plan-- and general attitude -- in regard to Canada's economic challenges. In recent days, he truly has sounded like a hysteric, trying to convince Canadians that our relatively sound economy is on the brink of a cataclysmic depression. There is no evidence of this: Indeed, the latest economic numbers on jobs and growth are excellent. And as a stack of reports from our major banks attest, the fundamentals of our real estate market bear no comparison to America's sub-prime mess. Indeed, the only thing that could tip this country into full-blown depression is wide-scale investor panic of the type Mr. Dion seems intent on fomenting.

Nor are we impressed with Mr. Dion's grandly announced economic plan -- which is not a plan at all, but rather a pledge to consult with the country's leading economists, and do as they say. Consultation of this nature is something that Mr. Harper's government -- like all governments --does on a regular basis. The former professor's take on this issue seems to betray a basic ignorance of how government works, not to mention a disturbing penchant for outsourcing his own leadership.

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