Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs

As more of us from the Y-side of life become increasingly marginalized and useless; as more of us watch in disbelief as our fellow Y-siders book their facials and manicures; as the more sensitive Y-siders enthusiastically line up to get neutered; this here bench is definitely a sign of the times.

- Husband Waiting Bench -

This little rant owes much to, and borrows liberally from, Brad Paisley's song "I'm Still a Guy." I first heard this song on the radio while driving through Bow Island, Alberta, at dusk. I'd been driving for several hours, and was not in the chirpiest of moods. Yet this song made me laugh, and almost made me drive off the road. (Maybe things are just funnier when you're tired. But what really makes it funny is just how true it is.)

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