Friday, September 26, 2008

I Want My Jet Pack (Revisited)

Yves Rossy is back at it!!! About four months ago, I blogged about the Swiss daredevil and adventurer who crossed the Alps on a jet pack. You can revisit the original post here. My original observations still stand. If I step into the "way-back" machine, I can revisit a past when the future was supposed to be about jet packs, not gel packs; teleporting, not telecommuting; and high fly, not wi-fi. But instead of Buck Rogers, we got Rogers Wireless(tm). Not that I'm complaining of course, but ... I. WANT. MY. JET PACK!

Well, I suppose the for time being, I can live and dream vicariously through the showy and splashy stunts of Yves Rossy. Extra, Extra, Read All About It right here.

Photo Credit: Reuters via the Toronto Star.

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