Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Future is Jet Packs. It's About Time.

A Swiss man, Yves Rossy, has successfully flown over the Alps on a jet pack. That is so cool. The Daily Mail has the story here.

When I was a kid there were two visions of the future. One was the future envisaged by imaginative and adventurous kids, and that future was about Buck Rogers and jet packs. The other future was the future forecast by imaginative but sedentary kids, and that future was about robots and computers. The jet pack kids generally didn't play with the computer kids.

Of course, there's always been one hitch. The jet pack kids would invariably need the computer/science kids to realize their dream.

So, the future is here. We have computers. I think I've been a good sport about that. But -- I. WANT. MY. JETPACK.

P.S. Just a glimpse from Jet Pack International.

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