Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day ...

... to those who actually are Irish, of Irish descent, or married into the fold. For the rest, who can't see beyond kitchy leprechauns and green beer -- Sod off, ya wankers. And you know where you can put 'Danny Boy.' Yes, that's right. A New York Irish pub has banned the singing of 'Danny Boy' for the month of March. Good on ya, lads. Right you are. I mean, 'Danny Boy' is to Irish culture what 'Feelings' is to pop music. And does anybody really need to hear 'Feelings' again? So you get my point.

For the Irish report on the New York story, go to the following link:

In merciful lieu of 'Danny Boy' I offer this standard. So raise a pint of Guiness and let the Dubliners take you home. Enjoy.

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