Friday, January 27, 2012

Hell Hath No Fury, etc., etc.

Have you ever tried testicles?

Woman fined for crotch grab assault

A scorned Swedish woman who got back at her ex-husband by hijacking his Facebook account to indicate he was gay and then later attacked him by grabbing his testicles and biting him has been convicted for the assault by a court in southern Sweden.

The couple's 3-year marriage ended in the spring of 2011 after three years, prompting the woman to start a campaign of revenge against her ex-husband, who had quickly moved on to another woman, the local Skövde Nyheter daily reported.

In June, the man suspected his Facebook account had been hijacked after he discovered several contacts had been erased and his sexual preference had been changed to "interested in men".


However, the attacks didn't stop there.

When the man stood outside his new home with his new girlfriend later that summer, the upset ex-wife dropped by.

She walked up to her ex-husband and asked what they were doing, at the same time grabbing a firm hold of his testicles. [ed. - Yikes!]

I've heard they taste like nuts.

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