Friday, January 13, 2012

Columbia University Cancels the Ultimate Bird Course

Mic check .... mic check ... mic check ...

Anarchists, cultural Marxists, Code Pink, Syndicalists, and Maoists, and all other student activists ... please listen up [... please listen up].  Slacker inactivists, this means you too [... this means you too].  The credit course [the credit course] in Occupy Wall Street [in Occupy Wall Street] at Columbia University [at Columbia University] has been cancelled [has been cancelled].  Got it? [God it?]  Oh, and why do you [... why do you] mindlessly repeat [mindlessly repeat] everything I say? [everything I say?]


Yes, that's right.  Columbia University has reversed its previous posting of a credit course in Occupy Wall Street.  This is indeed bad news for "(You Name It) Studies" students across the campus.

Memo to students:  if you absolutely must, then whinge at the 1% on your own time.  The university is neither required to endorse your particular activism, nor is it required to give you a trophy for it.

The course in question, posted weeks ago as a new offering in the Anthropology department, to be taught by Dr. Hannah Appel, was to be called “Occupy the Field: Global Finance, Inequality, Social Movement.”  According to Anni Karni in the New York Post, this course "promised a light reading load because students were expected to spend time protesting."  Woo hoo!!!  An easy A.

Here's the thing.  With an annual tuition of about US $45,000, most students who could attend a top tier school like Columbia (scholarship and bursary students excepted) are already part of the 1%.  Or at least they will be ... some day in the future ... when their parents, against whom they rebel, leave them with embarrassingly comfortable legacies.

But, I guess being a class struggle poseur is all part of the full college experience these days.

h/t to the venerable Fashionista Jewhadi

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