Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A New "Hate" Crime is Born

Homo-Sphenisciphobia -- the fear (or nonacceptance) of gay penguins.

The National Post

Splitting up a pair of potentially homosexual African penguins and pairing them with females might sound anti-gay, but keepers at the Toronto Zoo insist they are simply trying to preserve the species.

Pedro, 10, and Buddy, 20, were brought to the Toronto Zoo this year from Pittsburgh’s National Aviary to “pair-bond” with a couple of eligible females. Instead, the pair bonded with each other. Zookeepers now report seeing the pair snuggling, calling to each other and displaying courtship behaviour.

Good candidates for gay penguin marriage. And as for offspring? They can always adopt.

Also, judging by their formal attire, it's a fairly good bet that they're not part of Queer Penguins Against Israeli Apartheid. At least there's that.

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