Saturday, March 19, 2011

Well, they'll stone you if you try to cast your vote ...

An Egyptian referendum on constitutional reform is reportedly drawing larger than expected crowds. That's the good news. Now the bad news.

Egypt's prominent opposition figure Mohammed El Baradei was attacked Saturday by stones and bricks thrown from crowds when he arrived at a polling station to vote on the constitutional amendments in Cairo, Xinhua informed.

A crowd of people shouted "We don't want you" when Baradei came out of his car at a polling station in the El Mokatam area in the capital, witnesses told Xinhua. [editor's note: a not so subtle hint that some young Egyptians perhaps view El Baradei as ... well ... the Iggy of Egypt -- the tourist politician who's really just visiting.]

People then threw stones at him as he retreated into his car. He left without casting his vote.

Baradei, who intended to run for the presidential polls, has said he would vote against constitutional amendments and called for a new constitution.

Flash mob attacks: they're not just for Coptic Christians and western journalists anymore. In the post-Mubarak/pre-Ikhwan Egypt, "everybody must get stoned."

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