Friday, February 4, 2011

Nope. No Agendas Here.

Just move along folks.  Nothing to see.

Okay.  I'll play.

Q. --  A Prius leaving San Francisco travels eastbound toward Cape Cod at a constant rate of 45mph.  The driver is wearing a rainbow hat.   At the same time another Prius leaving Cape Cod travels westbound toward San Francisco at a constant rate of 40mph.  The driver is wearing a puffy pirate shirt.  Assuming that neither driver makes more than three stops for mocha lattes, in which city will the drivers hook up?

A. --  ?

In the spirit of inderdisciplinary studies, I suppose this is a combined LGBT math/geography question.

Okay.  How about a science question?

Q. -- Discuss why it is homophobic to make jokes about dolphins just being "gay sharks"?  (Bonus points if you suggest how legislation can be used to punish people who do.)

A. -- ?

Speaking of gay sharks, has "progressivism" jumped one in the U.K.?

h/t  Flaming Catfur;)

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