Friday, January 14, 2011

iPad for Israel

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your CPUs.

It's a pro-Israeli blog-off.  Forget all of this left wing Israeli apartheid nonsense.  It's unbalanced ahistorical rubbish anyway.  Until the progresso-fascists deal with the much more evidential apartheid of the Wahabbi entity, their alleged moral indignations have no credibility.  So I don't really care to hear their propaganda, their feigned outrage, their slanders about Israel, or their self-satisfied moral preening.  Until they deal with the wholesale slaughter of Christians in south Sudan and central Nigera, and the routine persecution of Christians in Egypt, Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malysia, and Indonesia, I couldn't give a rat's ass what they have to say about the human rights records of liberal democracies.

But I digress.

Aussie Dave is hosting an pro-Israeli blog contest at Israellycool.  The rules are simple.  The concept is creative -- kind of a round robin sort of thing.  Go on over and check it out.  What are you waiting for?  Click the link.  Then fire up your CPU and rev up your keyboard.

The winner will be awarded a brand-spanking-new iPad.

Not a bad return for a blog contest.  Usually you just get bragging rights.

Good on ya', Dave.

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