Thursday, August 26, 2010

Khurram Syed Sher Ain't Misbahuddin

Reporting on the joint police press conference detailing this week's terrorism-related arrests in Ottawa and London, Ontario -- via the Ceeb

The RCMP have charged three Ontario men for allegedly taking part in a domestic plot, and possessing schematics, electronics and explosives related to creating improvised explosive devices.

RCMP Chief Supt. Serge Therriault said Misbahuddin Ahmed, 26, and Hiva Alizadeh, 30, both of Ottawa, and 28-year-old Khurram Sher of London were involved in a conspiracy to commit "a violent terrorism attack."

Therriault alleged at a news conference in Ottawa that the men conspired with three men, who they named as James Lara, Rizgar Alizadeh and Zakaria Mamosta, as well as persons unknown in Canada and in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Dubai to commit terrorism-related offences.

C'mon Khurram. Why d'ya have to go and (allegedly) make things so complicated?

*Update* By all appearances it seems that (Dr.) Khurram Sher had absolutely everything going for him in Canada -- a bright medical career and a young family.

So much for American Canadian Dreamz -- Dreamz with a Z.