Saturday, June 26, 2010

Irony Alert. Activists for Asinine Cultural Marxist Group "No One Is Illegal" Alleged to Have Been Arrested

Following an afternoon of mayhem on the streets of Toronto, as G20 protests quickly turned violent (no surprises there), police have reportedly started making arrests. The arrests, however, appear to have less to do with the afternoon's rioting than with the stubborn resistance of protesters to police attempts to clear them.

From Reuters, via the Vancouver Sun:

Farrah Miranda, an organizer from community group No One Is Illegal, said she [and] Syed Hussan were stopped by officers who refused to identify themselves.

She said they threw a handcuffed Hassan into an unmarked car and drove away.

She said she was handcuffed, driven around, questioned and released on a street corner in what she called “intimidation and bullying tactics.”

Well, Farrah, sometimes the question of whether or not someone is illegal depends on which side of the handcuffs they're on.

It will be fun to listen to all of the armchair-quarterback reviews come Monday. The same people who have been causing and/or cheer-leading this chaos will be chalk-full of venomous recriminations. When you hear them rationalize and justify themselves, and hurl abuse on the (patient) behaviour of the police, remember how disgusted you are today with the thugs and their hard-left apologists.

Remember, these are the same ass-holes who are likely to tell you that the tea-partiers are violent.

**Gratuitous violence -- It's a left thing. You wouldn't understand.**

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