Wednesday, March 31, 2010

David Menzies' One-Man Celebration of Human Achievement Hour

"Earth Hour" Post-Mortem

As David Menzies crows:

Earth Hour 2010: Was it good for you, living for 60 minutes in the darkness and partying like it was 1799?

Personally, I wouldn’t know. Your humble correspondent took a completely different approach to Earth Hour last Saturday: I lit up my house like a Las Vegas casino – inside and out.

Borrowing movie lights from the Toronto Media & Film College and procuring the services of an industrial-grade four-beam searchlight, my Richmond Hill, Ont. abode resembled a glittering gem. I simply wanted to protest the hypocrisy of Earth Hour. For example, who needs preachy environmental types – from Al Gore to David Suzuki (who have carbon footprints significantly larger than average citizens) – telling the rest of us to make do with less?

I feel humbled. My wife and I just went to the movies and skipped the whole thing. Much planning to do for next year's Human Achievement Hour though (only three hundred and sixty shopping days left). The gauntlet has well and truly been thrown down.

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