Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So It's a Pin-Up War, Is It?

So much for the entente cordiale. Erstwhile peaceful relations between Catfur and Currie have broken down. Alliances are forming, ammunition is being cached, bloggers are being deployed, in what surely will be known for generations to come as "The War of the Poses".

So, here's my shot across the bow.  Call it "Operation Hussy Fit".

Sometimes in war, you have to do things you're not proud of.

(P.S.  My apologies if this flagrant flashing of ankle gives any frumpy dowagers the vapours.)


jaycurrie said...

I see a stocking top over there on the left...shocking!

Osh said...

Shocking indeed, Jay. Actually, now that you bring it up, perhaps I should have dubbed this pic "Shock and Awe." Aw nuts.