Sunday, December 20, 2009

An Australian Town Re-Instates "Merry Christmas" as Approved Greeting

"Political correctness" most affected.

Parramatta Council, in Sydney's west, has taken down its "season's greetings" banners in favour of posters wishing "Merry Christmas". The move came after the council produced Christmas cards and 50 banners for five years without mentioning Christmas once.

Councillors believe the politically correct banners reflected "a secular view of Christmas" instead of the "traditional Australian view of Christmas".

"Our community is fed up with this erosion of the true meaning and essence of Christmas through this ridiculous pre-emptive surrender of the real Christmas on the basis it may offend someone," councillor Michael McDermott said.

"All we do is offend the great majority of our residents by this politically correct nonsense and watering down of the historically accurate view of Christmas.

Do shed a tear for the misguided useful idiots of Frankfurt School cultural Marxism, and their beloved secular "Seasons Greetings". I'm sure they feel the pain of this backlash against political correctness, a major setback indeed.

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