Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Greatest Generation Still the Greatest

A young thug tried to steal the poppy-drive money from the Scarborough Legion Hall as the veterans were counting it. The veterans, to their credit, were having none of that.

When a gunman stormed into a Royal Canadian legion, demanding thousands in poppy donations, John Dietsch didn't have time to get scared.


When the gunman lunged for the cash, Dietsch grabbed his arm, pushing away the gun. They struggled and Dietsch fell to the floor. The startled attacker, who looked to be in his 20s, ran to the door empty-handed.

Legion volunteer Earl Gray, 64, followed and tackled the gunman outside the accounting room. Gray pinned him to the floor briefly, but the attacker was able to escape out a side door.


By 2 p.m., news of the troubling attack began to spread. Throngs of media found the veteran quietly nursing a bottle of beer at the back of the legion's basement bar.


Police are looking for a black man, who was wearing a dark toque and clothing and stands about 5-foot-10. Const. Tony Vella said Dietsch should be commended for his efforts, but cautioned others before taking similar action.

Note to the young thug: These were not enfeebled old people or panty-waste progressives you were dealing with here. These were veterans, damn it. Didn't you see Gran Torino?

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