Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still Hatin' After All These Years

(entitled with apologies to Paul Simon)

Mark Steyn announces: "A Hate Crime Turns Three." My, they grow up so fast.

The "hate crime" in question, of course, refers to the publication of an excerpt of Steyn's best-selling book America Alone in Maclean's Magazine. As a special gift to mark the birth of Steyn's "hate crime", the Canadian Islamic Congress made a "special invitation" to Maclean's and Mr. Steyn to call upon the Three Wise Commissions of Human Rights: Ontario, British Columbia and (the Lynch-pin of them all) the Canadian HRC. Oh, to be so honoured.

This special birthday almost passed by without notice, were it not for the thoughtful folks at The Official, who referred to the Puppet Master and the Sock Puppet Three simply as "a handful of pissed off Canadians." Sure, The Official thinks that the now-toddler "hate crime" is an ugly child. But it is a bit gauche to send a poison-pen birthday card, isn't it? Still, even gauche-niks are good for a money quote or two now and then:

What really sucks about all of this is that, in the mind of the average conservative Canadian, Mark Steyn has emerged as a Rosa Parks type figure who fought against the human rights tribunals for the right to write shady journalism.

Mark Steyn and Rosa Parks, eh?

Of course. How could I have missed this? The resemblance is uncanny. Thanks for clearing that up for me, guys.

Oh, and a belated Happy Third Birthday.

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