Sunday, October 4, 2009

On the Predictable Liberal Reaction to Stephen Harper's Performance at the National Arts Centre

Following the Prime Minister's surprise performance at the black-tie gala at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa on Saturday night, some commenters on Liberal blogs were delighting in calling Stephen Harper "Mean Mr. Mustard" (when they weren't comparing him to Hitler). How clever.

Harper sang "With a Little Help From My Friends" to the delight of the audience, and a standing ovation when his performance was finished. At the Liberal party's Quebec damage-control event, happening concurrently, Michael Ignatieff said "Well, he's been singing out of key for four years," a lame attempt at a joke that fell flat, especially since the opening line from the song refers to singing "out of tune" not "out of key". Just another indication that Ignatieff is "out of touch".

But I guess we can all play that game.

So, okay. If Harper is "Mean Mr. Mustard", then the remaining cast of characters are credited as follows:

Michael Ignatieff as "Nowhere Man" and "The Taxman"
Jack Layton as "The Fool on the Hill"
Elizabeth May as "Eleanor Rigby"

Perhaps the new Fab-Four can form a band, but I'm not sure if more than one or possibly two of them (Layton perhaps) can play an instrument -- kind of like The Monkees, I guess.

Post script: Okay, in case anyone asks. Yes, I can play an instrument. And several of my close friends are musicians.

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Moore Park Toronto said...

I am not a fan of Harper at all. But I have to admit his performance was very pleasant and nice to watch(and listen to). Great job, who knows what other surprises he has in store for us.