Sunday, July 12, 2009

U.K. : the General Synod Says Labour Government Understands Political Correctness, Discriminates Against Christians

According to a report penned by Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, and Rt Rev Stephen Lowe, Bishop for Urban Life and Faith for the Church of England, Christian Churches in the United Kingdom are "being starved of state funds to help the poor as a result of money being diverted to other faiths." In particular, the authors charge that there is a perception that more money is being channeled to Islamic groups, to the detriment of other faiths, in an attempt to appease or forestall militancy.

The report says that there is a "great deal of inconsistency in the way individual [Government] ministers deal with religious groups".

It continues: "Christian groups in particular have suffered irrational prejudice against their funding applications and a lack of understanding of the nature and sometimes fragility of the local church.

"There is a perception, perhaps justified, that it has been easier for Islamic groups to receive financial support than other faith groups."

Bishop Lowe claims that there have been numerous examples of local authorities inviting consultation with local faith groups and failing to invite any Christians.

The authors insist that there is "little doubt" that the government's anti-terrorism agenda is directly affecting the ability of churches and other faith groups to carry on their social service functions. As a result, Christian churches worry that they are losing their presence in some of the poorest parts of Britain. Philip Giddings, chairman of the Church's mission and public affairs division, even expressed concern that the Church is dealing with government representatives and Ministers who simply don't share, let alone understand, its values.

Welcome to post-Christian Britain.

Bishop Lowe admonishes Church leaders and lay members alike to be vigilant and persistent. "We must not become a comfortable Church for a comfortable nation, but a church totally committed to its continued presence in uncomfortable England,"


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