Friday, July 3, 2009

The Self-Satisfied Progressive Mind

Recipe for the Half-Baked Progressive Argument (serves all)

Take trendy lefty subject x, and add some trendy lefty subject Y. Subtract any knowledge of history or politics, and then add a generous quantity of Marxist mumbo jumbo. Add a heaping scoop of nanny-state sympathies, and subtract any Judeo-Christian religious knowledge or sympathies. Add in a few anti-American platitudes, and some anti-Israel sympathies and lots of atheism and watered-down eugenic sympathies. Sprinkle in liberal quantities of rolling eyeballs and exasperated heavy sighs. Add in occasional shrieks of 'racist', 'homophobe' or Islamophobe and VOILA! Your argument is made.

via Closet Conservative

Best served with whine and cheese.

Food for thought?

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Anonymous said...

I recommend against adding any spices, as spices may cause gas and you don't want to increase your carbon footprint in your mouth.