Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why No Earth Hour In Namibia?

Such is the question posed in the title of an article in The Namibian. According to this report, "an handful of Namibians," such as environmentalist Dr. Peter Tarr, did switch off their lights during Earth Hour "to raise awareness about climate change and to send a visual message to world leaders to take action." But, in Namibia (as in the rest of the world) early reports of compliance tended to exaggerate the reality of compliance.

Perhaps the article implicitly (and accidentally) answers its own question here.

Shirley Bethune, an environmental lecturer at the Polytechnic of Namibia, says media coverage of Earth Hour is a good thing because it raises awareness and convinces people to take part.

She says besides saving power, an hour of darkness also makes people realise just how invasive light pollution is and makes them think of all the insects and other animals that have evolved over thousands of years to use natural light and now suffer because of artificial lighting.

Think of all the moths that endlessly exhaust themselves flying around spotlights. Also take time to think that we do not need spotlights to shine up into the sky as it is the ground we want to light up for safety,” said Bethune.

For Heaven's sake!!! Won't somebody PLEEEAAASE think of the moths!!!

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