Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Misunderstanding" -- Is That What We're Calling Honour Killings Now?

Sri Lankan strangles wife to death over ‘misunderstanding’

KUWAIT CITY : A Sri Lankan national in his 30s strangled his wife to death in a building under construction in Abdullah Mubarak area on Thursday.

A guard of the building discovered the crime and alerted the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry.

Security officers arrived at the scene and referred the corpse to the forensics for autopsy.

Meanwhile, the police managed to arrest the suspect who admitted to committing the crime. He also said they had a misunderstanding when he lured the victim to the place and strangled her until she died. (Arab Times)

Of course, the fact that the (dis)honour killer in this instance is a foreign national (and likely an itinerant worker), it is highly unlikely that the courts will go easy on him.

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