Friday, March 20, 2009

New Labour in the U.K.: Millions of Shillings, Shilling for Votes

Ed West posits, in The Telegraph blogs, "How the Government Pays Muslims to Vote Labour":

Admittedly, £90 million is like money down the back of a sofa to a Government as prolifigerate as ours, compared to the £3 billion it has wasted trying to tackle obesity, but it is more important. The state has an undisputed responsibility to protect us from terrorism; protecting us from pies is more of a debatable area. But government spending in this area, which one would have thought would be controlled carefully, has been handled with all care of a drunk putting his card behind the bar. I read on Harry's Place, home of Britain's last remaining pro-Israeli Lefties who believe that bearded brown-skinned fascists are as bad as clean shaven white ones, that shadow "communities minister" Paul Goodman has asked the Government where £70 million given to fight extremism had gone, and it appears the Government does not know. "We gave it to some bearded chap," they might as well have shrugged. "Seemed like a good egg. Kept on saying something about jihad".

Canada likewise has gone down the road of partisan political coalition building through strategic disbursement of multicultural funding to "favoured" groups. At least now we've got somebody doing something to correct this sort of nonsense. Way to go, Jason Kenney.

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