Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Canadian Muslim Forum Cancels Meeting With Jason Kenney (Yawn)

Of course Kenney, like Elvis, is "all shook up" about it.

From the CMF Press Release (h/t Catfur):

We, at the Canadian Muslim Forum(FMC-CMF), originally accepted this meeting, based on an approach from Mr. Kenny's office and his assistant, to raise our concerns about his actions that, to say the least, are promoting Islamophobia and Arabophobia.

Mr. Kenny’s position towards the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) and his personal attack on the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) is an insult that has been added to the injury caused by the government's position towards the barbaric Israeli attack on the Palestinian people. [emphasis mine]

Islamophobia? And now, Arabophobia? Will the PC neologisms never end?

Hey, here's a thought. I'll see your accusations of Islamophobia and Arabophobia (oh, brother) and I'll raise you my counter-accusations of Judeophobia, Christophobia, Europhobia, Leukophobia, Homophobia, Gynophobia, Allodoxophobia, Cynophobia, Eleutherophobia, Epistemophobia, Ithyphallophobia, Logophobia, Methyphobia, Staurophobia, Xyrophobia, etc., etc.

So, how many members does the Canadian Muslim Forum have anyway? Who do they represent? And how many Muslims does it take to have a quorum in the Forum? Actually, the CMF appears to be an umbrella clearing house for about nine other Muslim/musilman groups, mostly en fran├žais.


Unbelievable! This was apparently a deceptive press release. It seems they were never specifically invited to speak with Minister Kenney in the first place. See BCF for the erratum to the story.

See also, Dust My Broom for some more evaluation and insight into this ridiculous manoeuvre.

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