Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The U.K. Today -- More Chamberlain Than Churchill

The National Post tosses a dart at the British Home Office, and "the new British appeasement." Somebody had to say it.

Geert Wilders, the Dutch MP deported from Britain last week, may be as much a spotlight hog as he is a freedom fighter. He is never happier than when he is at the eye of a storm over his controversial views on Islam; and where no storm exists, he is only too happy to stir one up.

Nonetheless, the British government was wrong to deny him entry based on his political opinions, particularly when it frequently admits Muslim clerics with far more violent views than Mr. Wilders'. By its disproportionate actions, the Home Office seems more concerned about sparing radical Muslims offence than defending Britain's centuries-old traditions of free speech.

A very good editorial. Read the rest here.

If you find Wilders' views odious, then he may be tough to defend. But he's far less odious than some of the Radical Islamist apologists that Britain regularly admits without so much as a meek squeak from the Home Office. The Home Secretary says she was concerned that Wilders' visit would have potentially been a disruption to public order. That's bureaucratic weasel-speak for "potential for violence." Well, I'm sure that the Home Secretary was not envisioning Wilders throwing a lit Molotov cocktail in the vicinity of the House of Lords. So who then? Hmm.

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