Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dateline Ireland -- Gardai Solve the Mystery of the Republic's Worst Driver

The Belfast Telegraph reports (with some glea) that "Irish police have been in pursuit of a Polish man by the name of 'Prawo Jazdy' -- but the chances of placing him behind bars remain slim."

Prawo Jasdy has been "logged on the crime database" over 50 times by Irish police (Gardai), at which point, the obvious recidivism of this Polish national became a matter of some official concern.

That is, it WAS a matter of concern, right up until the Gardai discovered that "Prawo Jasdy" is Polish for "Driver's License," not the first and last name of a notorious delinquent Polish ex-pat.

Now that this mystery is solved, Gardai can devote more attention to apprehending the second most delinquent felon, a French national named Permis de Conduire, I believe.



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