Friday, February 13, 2009

Campus Harrassment Adviser Exposed as Progressive Hypocrite?

So ... he just thought that this picture was ... what ... funny?

From The Telegraph (U.K.) blog by Damian Thompson --

I bet that, when Collingwood took his pious-sounding advisory position, he imagined that it would involve sticking up for minorities whose "struggles" he approved of. But now he finds that accusations of racism can be flung at the Left as well as by them. What confusing times these are for multiculturalists!

So he's a "member of York University's Council who acts as a "harassment adviser" to students," eh? Sounds like somebody is in need of some good old-fashioned new-age sensitivity training. Otherwise, I wonder how he's going to "advise" the Council to deal with this one. Hmm.

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