Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet Bikini Girl

Katrina Darrell auditioned (successfully as it turned out) for this season's American Idol, during the show's cattle-call stop in Pheonix, Arizona. She made quite an impression. She made Simon Cowell appear to stand at attention (so to speak). She made Paula Abdul rise her feet in faux indignation. She made Randy Jackson blush. And she made the online edition of the Phoenix New Times. New Times blogger Martin Cizmar has bad news and good news for his readers.

First, the bad news. Katrina Darrell, American Idol's Bikini Girl -- who would have stole the show if it wasn't for Scott MacIntyre -- is from California, so chances are she's not that girl you made out with after a crazy night at Pussycat Lounge.

The good news? Pictures and videos of her are showing everywhere, including a nice collection here.

Evidently, as Cizmar notes, she's also caught the attention of the mischievous misanthropes of Vote for the Worst -- "Girl In Bikini Makes It Despite Sucking."

Heck, what can I say? "Lost time is not found again."

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