Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where There's Snow ...

... there are drivers who forget how to drive in the snow.

Move over, Cam Woolley, the Wichita Eagle is on the beat: "Drivers, Snow Face Off; Drivers Lose."

Wichita's first measurable snowfall of winter triggered dozens of accidents Tuesday, turning freeways and major thoroughfares into icy nightmares for drivers.


Less than 1 ½ inches fell on the city,forecasters said, but strong, steady north winds reduced visibility and glazed roads with ice.

Multi-car pileups were common around the city and county, and numerous cars skidded off exit or entrance ramps.

"Oh, man, what a mess," Hein said of the storm. "It'd be nice if people would slow down in this, but this is the 'learning curve' storm.

"We're out in full force, but the wind's blowing it and people aren't slowing down," Hein said.

Fifty accidents were reported during the morning rush hour. But there was no mention of whether any of the drivers were applying make up, text messaging, tying their shoes, putting on their pants, watching videos, or other such nonsense while operating their motor vehicles.

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