Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mississauga News Smacks Down Coalition

Just weeks ago, in the run-up to the general election, the Mississauga News gave its endorsement to Stephane Dion and the Liberals. No real surprise there. They might have endorsed Morris the Purina spokescat if he were a Liberal.

So, only weeks later, with the announcement of a possible Liberal-NDP coalition that relies upon support of the secessionist Bloc, the Mississauga News has come out white-hot against this configuration. If Mississauga South M.P. Paul Szabo picks up his usually friendly hometown paper, this is what he will read:

Canadians did not elect Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe as Prime Minister. Canadians did not elect New Democrat leader Jack Layton as Prime Minister. Canadians did not elect Liberal leader Stéphane Dion as Prime Minister.

What makes those three think they have the right — or the support of Canadians, as a whole — to overthrow a duly elected government and ignore the will of the people?

How dare they ignore the democratic process, trample on the rights, will and wishes of the Canadian people, and turn our electoral system into a joke?


In their quest for personal power, have Duceppe, Layton and Dion forgotten they are simply representatives of the Canadian people, individuals who serve the wishes and needs of the Canadian people, or has their greed and desire for the country’s ultimate political seat deluded them into thinking they are the ones who will determine the future of Canadians?

The leadership of this country should not be determined by a bunch of backroom political hacks whose parties couldn’t win support from voters.

This newspaper did not support the Conservatives during the election a mere six weeks ago. However, the Canadian people did support the Tories and elected them, and their leader, Stephen Harper, as our federal government.

When the people speak, all political parties would be wise to listen, or face the most dire consequences. Canadians will not soon forget the treacherous actions of Duceppe, Layton and Dion — not if we can help it.

And for those who read headlines, not analysis -- the same people who mistake a slogan for an argument -- the editorial is entitled "Party Leaders Lack Honour."

And, just to be clear, the News editorial finds the behaviour of all four major parties to be "sickening" and "shameful."


Anonymous said...

I agree, this whole affair is shameful. Really, though, the Canadian people have very little say in who is the Prime Minister. Technically we don't vote for who we want as P.M, we vote for who we want to represent our riding in Parliament.

I think the problem is more with the set-up of the system, rather than with the actors.

Osh said...

Agreed, and point taken. Our constitution directs us as voters to perform one simple obligation -- to elect a representative for our riding. Still, the crassness of the political plotting in Ottawa during the past week has been contemptible.

Deirdre said...

Nice blog. Hope GG sends us back to the polls. I am ready to vote for a conservative majority now. The shameful, disgusting antics of the Coalition of Shame and Destruction make me sick. How is it that Dion and Layton are so lustful, they are willing to put Canadians in peril doing it doggiestyle with Duceppe. Morally treasonous I say. Have a good day. D.