Monday, December 15, 2008

GPS Jesus

There are five cities that comprise if Quad-City (don't ask), a quasi-official consolidation of communities that cluster around the Illinois-Iowa border region. And in that region, some churches have apparently been grappling with the mysterious disappearance of the Baby Jesus from their Christmas creches (Nativity scene displays).

So, a New York company has come up with a solution -- to track the whereabouts of Baby Jesus through GPS. The company will provide the churches with discreet GPS devices and has offered its tracking services free of charge. The GPS devices will be tiny, hidden from view, and not easily removed.

As reported in the Quad-City Times:

It's that time of year again. Statues of Baby Jesus often go missing from Nativity scenes during the holiday season.

But this year some churches are fighting back with GPS technology.

The Rev. George Smith of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn says GPS is a fun way of tracking the statue if it's ever stolen.

GPS Device -- Free
Tracking Service -- Free
Catching a hoodlum red-handed with a stolen Baby Jesus -- Priceless.

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