Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Communist Party of Canada Endorses the Coalition

Yes, you read that correctly. The very same day that the Coalition secured the endorsement of the Parti Quebecois, it has also been blessed with the endorsement of the Communist Party of Canada. A banner day indeed for the Coalition of Convenience.

As a result of its anti-people policies and actions, the Harper government has not only lost the ‘confidence’ of the majority of MPs in the House; the overwhelming support by the labour and people’s movements for new Liberal-NDP coalition shows that this government has also lost the confidence of most of the Canadian people.

Our Party welcomes the refusal of the opposition parties to be taken in by Harper’s latest retreats (to abandon the cancellation of party financing and the ban on federal workers’ right to strike), and calls on these parties to hold firm in their commitment to defeat this discredited government and to establish a new working majority in Parliament.

The defeat of the Harper Tories will mark a significant victory for working people across Canada, but while such a change is a necessary condition for real progress to address the pressing needs of the people, it will not be a sufficient condition to ensure a genuinely new direction in government policy. A new Coalition government would be highly susceptible to public pressure, and would open new doors to win pro-people policies. [emphasis mine]

Oh brother. Okay, who ordered the dictatorship of the proletariat? Listen, brothers and sisters. The presence of six basically bourgeois NDP cabinet ministers does not a workers' coalition make, no matter how irrational and blindly white-hot your rage against the extreme right wing, mean, scary, anti-people, hidden agenda of HarperHitler. Rent a clue, even if you have to beg, borrow or steal the money to do it. After the revolution, clues are free.

As for the axis of weasel: Sure, in politics you don't always get to choose your endorsements. But really. Can't you just imagine Stephane and Jack shaking their heads and sighing "Not Helping"? -- Especially after that amateurish video in response to the PM's brief television gig tonight.

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