Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election Results -- A Nail-Biter in Toronto Centre

As the results poured in last night, it really came down to the wire. As the last remaining polls reported, the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party was in a pitched battle with their arch rivals, the Communist Party of Canada for the coveted fifth place finish (i.e., first among "fringe" parties). In the end, Liz White, the leader of the Fightin' AAEVP, edged out Johan Boyden of the Communists by just four votes -- 197 to 193. Trailing far behind for 7th and 8th position were independent candidate Gerald Derome (155 votes) and Marxist-Leninist candidate Philip Fernandez (92 votes). Apparently the campaign for strategic voting on the Communist side of the spectrum made little impact.

Oh, and some guy called Bob Rae (or something like that) was running too.

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The final results are in and the Communists are:



AAVE, 187...

Another tight race for the fifth position!