Monday, August 11, 2008

Hong Kong Hosts 2008 Pet Olympics

I'm not sure whether to take this as delicious satire or indulgent foolishness. The Pet Olympics being held in Hong Kong to coincide with the human exercise in 'geo-politics through sport' currently taking place in Beijing. This event is dubbed the "Olympets" by PetMax, the pet shop that is sponsoring the event.

SkyNews reports:

PetMAX, the largest pet shop in Hong Kong, has been running games for five types of animals since June.

The pet owners are on hand to try and cajole their pets into winning the events.

Dogs play track and field, while parrots race each other climbing up a string.

The goals of the Olympets, of course, are pure -- to promote four-legged physical fitness, to encourage pet owners to exercise their animals, and to advertise the PetMax name. But, like its human equivalent, the Pet Olympics cannot fully escape the tarnish of 'corruption': "In the tug of war, dogs are pitted against each other pulling on a rope until the tennis ball on it touches the pipe, with owners encouraging their animals with bribes of food."

Encouraging as broad an appeal as possible, the Olympets movement invites participation from all types of animals -- Yes, all FIVE types:

The president of the 'Olympets', Howard Cheung, said the five-ring symbol for the game is the five species - dog, cats, parrots, small-size animals and reptiles.

Gate proceeds from the Olympets are pledged to aid victims of this past May's earthquake in Sichuan Province.

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