Saturday, August 16, 2008

And Just Like That ...

... Canada's medal drought is over. One of each within the span of an hour.

Gold: Carol Huynh (Women's Freestyle Wrestling, 48kg Weight Class)
Silver: Dave Calder and Scott Frandsen (Men's Rowing Pairs)
Bronze: Tonya Verbeek (Women's Freestyle Wrestling, 55kg Weight Class)

For the moment, for those who are keeping score (but not in a jingoistic way), this turn of fate catapults Canada's Olympic team into 28th place overall. Yes, Canada has surged ahead of such countries as Mongolia, Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Spain, Algeria, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Chinese Taipei, Denmark, Ethiopia, India, Thailand, Colombia, Ecuador, Serbia, Vietnam, Argentina, Croatia, Egypt, Lithuania, Mexico, Tajikistan, and of course, Togo.

Or, to put it another way --

Dominion of Canada: 1 Gold Medal (possibly more to come)
Democratic Republic of Michael Phelps: 7 Gold Medals (possibly more to come).

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