Friday, July 4, 2008

On The Road Again ...

Today we finished the first leg of the Jack of Hearts Mining History Research and Family Matters Cross Canada Tour '08. We'll be on the road for about three weeks.

More detail will follow. I have my laptop at the ready, and when I have access to Wi-Fi (with consent and permission, of course) as I do at the moment, I'll offer posts and updates (and the regular probing insight, Aristotelian wisdom, and brilliant analysis).

Long day of driving today. Very tired. Is this how Odysseus felt?

Oh yeah, and somewhere north of Perry Sound, I swerved to avoid a mother duck and her ducklings who were casually waddling across the highway. I acted on instinct (and contrary to all common sense). I'm such a suck. Fortunately there were no on-coming cars in the opposite lane.

Oh, by the way, Stephane. Gas is already really expensive. $1.47.7 in Sault Ste. Marie -- honest to God.

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