Thursday, June 5, 2008

Free Andrew Coyne

Not since Juan Valdez single-handedly picked all of the coffee beans in Columbia for export, and carted them down the mountain on his trusty donkey, has any single worker been so flagrantly exploited, and callously subjected to such inhumane working conditions. Long ago sentenced by his employer to an indeterminate term in the HRC windowless bloggers' mine, this bi-line picture in the upper left corner might be all we have to remember Andrew Coyne. If and when he re-emerges from this purgatory, will his eyes be sunken, his hair dishevelled, his skin pasty from lack of sunlight? As he entered the tribunal hearing room at the Robson Court House, and saw the sign indicating the CIC v. Maclean's, did he fail to notice a sign over the door saying "Abandon hope all ye who enter"? Andrew our prayers are with you, and please know that there is a growing movement to publicize your plight and to liberate you from this terrible and numbing ordeal.

Oh, and one more thing -- Mr. Coyne, tanks. That is, thank-you for keeping us all, as much as possible, in the loop and up on the details. God speed. Get some rest.


RightGirl said...

Classic. He will be missed. A posthumous journalism award, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

That poor, poor bastard.