Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bloggin' Bob Dylan Blues

Just a note of thanks to those who supported my little project entitled Bob Dylan Week, a 'tribute in blog' to mark the week succeeding Dylan's 67th birthday. Thanks for your blog traffic and your occasional comments. And a tip o' the cap to for the link love.

For those who have arrived late to the party, don't panic. There's still some pop and chips left, and a couple of cold ones in the fridge. Oh, and you can still peruse the Bob Dylan Week posts in the order that they were published, as follows: post 1, post 2, post 3, post 4, post 5, and post 6.

As for me, "all I can do is keep on keepin' on.'

As I developed this series of posts, I found (no surprise) that there were more story ideas than there was time to write them or days to post them. So, do not be surprised (be delighted!!!) if I happen to indulge in the occasional Dylan post in the near future. Just let me know if it seems like it's becoming some kind of creepy obsession. I can stop any time ... honest.

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